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DIY Jewellery Organizer – Ring Organizer

DIY Jewellery Organizer – Ring Organizer

This DIY Jewellery Organizer for rings is seriously so simple and basic that it does not even require a tutorial. 

I own a lot of fancy rings (read junk jewellery). And I used to keep all my rings in a plastic box, all together, jumbled up. As a result I have lost countless rings; they have either rusted or the paint came off from the metal, or I lost a few beads, in some cases the gems came off due to friction with the other rings. 

A couple of months back, I made this simple DIY jewellery organizer box for storing and displaying my rings. And I have continued to use it since then. It’s a basic yet elegant organizer, and it serves the purpose nicely. You will not require any fancy items to make this. I am sure, everything you need to make this you will already have or can be easily purchased at your local stationer’s shop.

This DIY ring organizer costed me about INR 20 (or 0.31 USD) since I had everything on hand except the sponge which I had to purchase. 

You will need- 

  1. An empty box – Cardboard/ Metal / Plastic  – Choose a size which is the most appropriate for storing your collection, I would recommened you to go for a size which can fit your entire collection and some more (for future purchases!).  Alternatively you can even make multiple small boxes, this way they are more practical for travelling with.
  2. A 1/2 inch – 1 inch thick sponge to fit in that box. 
  3. An exacto knife to cut through the sponge


Measure the box and cut your sponge accordingly.

Place the sponge inside the box

Use the exacto knife to carve straight lines in the box about 1 inch apart. Do not cut through the sponge completely. Make indentions.

And done! Your ring organizer is ready to be used. 


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